1706 franklin 1790 stamp value

These stamps were printed on the same presses as horizontal format coils and issued in and 1,stamp rolls, but were less popular among mail users. All coil stamps of this series were printed on rotary presses. Five single Scott stamps are recorded with ordinary postal cancellations. Tall rotary press sheet waste stamps with gauge 11 perforations are listed as Scott It is among the rarest stamps of the 20th century, and is known only in used condition.

About 10 are recorded with Kansas City, Mo. Wide rotary press coil waste stamps with gauge 11 perforations are listed as Scott Both unused and used values are for off-center stamps with the perforations touching the frame line on one side. They are scarce stamps; approximately have been recorded. The overprint style on rotary press stamps is called Type B. The overprint style on flat-plate stamps is called Type A. Some are common; some are rare. Learning how to identify each one is an essential lesson for specialists.

Ken Lawrence explains how to understand and identify the rare ones. Probably not. To a novice they seem identical to the rare ones, but experienced stamp collectors can tell the difference.

That total includes sheet, booklet and coil stamps; overprinted varieties; flat-plate and rotary press prints; stamps with different perforation measurements; and an imperforate issue.

All those stamps are illustrated here, but to a true specialist, those represent only the beginning. One can go on to collect color shades, gum varieties, double transfers and other plate varieties, plate numbers and other marginal markings, vending- and affixing-machine perforations, errors, freaks, oddities, cancellations, postal uses and other interesting features.

It has gauge 11 perforations in both dimensions, but its printed design is smaller than either of the rare ones.

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It is narrower than Scott and shorter than Scottalthough all three stamps have matching perforations. Another way to identify a flat-plate stamp is to look on the back. It will usually have specks of green ink, called set-off, transferred when printed sheets were stacked one on top of another to dry.

Rotary press stamps were dried by passing the printed web through a heated chamber before being rolled up, so they seldom have set-off on the back. But careless measurements can lead to faulty identification, so always be meticulous when so much is at stake.

franklin 1 cent stamp value. 1 cent bin jamin franklin 1902 blue a littel bit gren ,made frome

All coil stamps of the series were printed on small intaglio rotary presses invented by Benjamin R. Stickney a decade earlier. Horizontal format coils were printed from subject curved plates, 10 subjects across the plate and 17 subjects in the rotary dimension. Curvature of the plates stretched the engraved images in the horizontal dimension, so the printed images are wider than sheet and booklet stamps printed from flat plates.

Two plates were printed in tandem, so that when mounted together on the press they formed a cylindrical surface 34 subjects in circumference, with a line of ink printed in the space where the plates adjoined. Unfortunately, inexperienced collectors have seldom been trained to make reliably accurate measurements, and they often tend to read rulers optimistically. The consequence is invariably disappointment.

All too often, they misidentify a common Scott as either or ; many are reluctant to believe experts who advise them of their mistakes. In my opinion, a better method is to understand how these different stamps were manufactured, and why they are different.Asked by Wiki User.

Top Ten Most Expensive Stamps in the world (2020 edition)

Scott Numbergreen 1 cent, has the dates to Franklin's birth and death on them. It was issued in Used is of little or no value. There is no such animal. The Franklin stamp of that era was a one cent stamp. The exact value of a Benjamin Franklin blue green 1 cent stamp would actually be dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors would be the age and condition of the stamp.

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You are thinking of Franklin Roosevelt who was famous for his stamp collecion. The first US stamp was issued in It was a 5 cent stamp that pictured Benjamin Franklin. American collectors call that U. Scott number Franklin Roosevelt was noted as a stamp collector. The value is whatever the current price for a stamp is these days. The value of a blue Ben Franklin 7 cent stamp varies greatly with the condition of the stamp. This stamp can go for as little as 30 cents and as much as several dollars.

Franklin Roosevelt was noted world-wide as a stamp collector. Franklin Roosevelt was on of the great stamp collectors. In fact just this year, France came out with a stamp honoring him as a stamp collector. There are a large number of varieties in this time frame and values vary greatly.

It will take some serious study, or a visit to a good stamp dealer to properly identify the stamp. Consult a stamp catalog such as Scott's, for a description on how stamps are rated and graded. The forever stamp stays at the current rate forever. The very first US stamp pictures Washington. It was a 5 cent black stamp. Benjamin Franklin was pictured on the 10 cent stamp.

There are a large number of 1 cent stamps with Franklin. Chances are it is a very common stamp that can be purchased for a few cents, but it can be very hard to tell the different types apart.

Consult a postage stamp catalog, usually available at your local library for exact identification and catalog values. The first US stamps were a 5-cent stamp with Ben Franklin on it and a cent stamp showing Washington.

Gold stamps are worth the least amount of money. If you get a green stamp it is worth a couple hundred dollars. The black stamp is priceless. The green mark was used many times. They used a green stamp on this.They were all engraved on watermarked double-lined USPS paperand they were perforated They are all shown in the scans below Sc. Philatelists know this new series of definitive postage stamps as the Second Bureau Issue.

These new definitive stamps are very ornate, with each of them having different frames. They have sometimes been referred to as the Gingerbread Issue, due to the complex and imaginative engraving around each of the vignettes. The stamps are all inscribed "Series ", however, all but two of the denominations in this set were issued during The 1 Cent and 2 Cent denominations also come in booklet panes of six stamps. They are scarce and a bit pricey.

She was the second woman, after Queen Isabella of Spain inand the first American woman, to appear on a US stamp. The 1 Cent, 4 Cent, and 5 Cent denominations were issued imperforatebetween and They are shown above Sc. All known examples of the imperforate 4 Cent denomination Sc. The imperforate 1 Cent denomination stamp is common, the 5 Cent denomination stamp is scarce, and the 4 Cent denomination stamp is exceedingly rare, with only a few examples being known.

The Second Bureau Issue was favorably received by the public, however, many people complained about the originally issued 2 Cent George Washington denomination, because of the red shading on his nose and cheek. As a result, the US Post Office Department re-issued the 2 Cent denomination in latefeaturing a touched-up vignette and a new frame. The new 2 Cent stamps were issued perforated 12 in and imperforate in Both of them are shown in the scan above Sc.

These 2 Cent denomination US stamps, during their production period, approximatelywere printed in a number of different colors. These stamps also come in two types. Type I - the outer leaf to the left of the left hand numeral "2" breaks the outer frame line.

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Type II - the leaf does not break the frame line. The new 2 Cent stamps were also issued booklets containing panes of six stamps. The booklet panes of this issue also come in most of the colors noted above. By this time, the sales of stamps in booklets was becoming more commonplace, thus, they are reasonably affordable for most US stamp collectors.

Beginning in earlythe US Post Office Department began experimenting with the production of postage stamps printed in coil rolls for use in vending machines. The 1 Cent and 5 Cent denominations were printed in vertical coils, perforated 12 horizontally.

The 1 Cent and 2 Cent denominations were also printed in horizontal coils, perforated 12 vertically. Examples of authenticated coils from major public auctions are shown in the scan above Sc. Jumbo margin sheet stamps, imperforate stamps, and even stamps from the booklet panes have been altered and passed-off as the coils. The government-issued coil stamps are all exceedingly RARE.

They rarely appear on the market, and then only occasionally are offered by the major auction houses.Asked by Wiki User. A nice lightly canceled, well-centered, all perforations present and unbent used one for 30 cents or so.

Scott Numbergreen 1 cent, has the dates to Franklin's birth and death on them. It was issued in Used is of little or no value. Benjamin Franklin was an American, born in Boston in Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, Benjamin Franklin was born inand died in He was 84 when he died. Benjamin Franklin invented the iron furnace stove or 'Franklin Stove'. This is a transposition of Ben Franklin, colonial statesman Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was born January 17, He died at the age of The year marked the th anniversary of his birth.

Yes, Benjamin Franklin was born in and Abraham Lincoln was born in Benjamin Franklin was born in and died in Therefore, he was 84 years old when he died. Benjamin Franklin hun Benjamin Franklin was born on 17 January He died on 17 April He was 84 years old.

That was years ago, as I type April, No because he lived before the rule of England's Queen Victoria, which was Ben Franklin lived from He was born in so in he would have been 69yrs old.An appraisal example from the millions of items in our Price Guides:.

See more appraisal examples and price guides for other items. This list is limited to only a few results. Many more items are available to our members through our Price Guides! The Examination From marks4antiques. Research the value of your own items:. Province of Pennsylvania. June 18, Three Pence. Franklin, Benjamin: The Gentleman's Magazine.

London: July, London: Benjamin Beale Evans, 1 February Engraving, after a painting by S. Elmer and engraved by T. Ryder, trimmed within the platemark but outside the image Sammelband of four Quaker pamphlets, three printed by Franklin.

Germantown: Sower, ; Philadelphia: B. Franklin and D.

1706 franklin 1790 stamp value

Hall, Franklin, Benjamin Works of the Late Dr. Benjamin Franklin. London G. Robinson, Second edition. Octavo 8x5 inches, Print depicting Benjamin Franklin.

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Color-printed aquatint, platemark x mm; minor soiling and marginal foxing, remnants of mounts and marginal tape repairs Berlin: H.

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1706 franklin 1790 stamp value

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1706 franklin 1790 stamp value

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